The Warm, Dark Circus is now available on Spotify and other streaming services, as well as Bandcamp and Wayside Music for physical CDs.

Check out an extensive interview with Damon in Pienemmät Purot about the new album, influences, latest news on the band, and much more!

Press Highlights

“Picture a dark chest of drawers with no indication of what is stored inside each one of them…The Warm, Dark Circus continues the band’s journey through a carefully crafted musical landscape wherein the signposts can be deceptive but always point to something interesting and adventurous.” — Here Comes The Flood

“really rich and downright head-spinningly complex, yet seductively addictive” — Pienemmät Purot

“like a fiction anthology that picks at reality with poignancy and disturbing insight….Musically…The Warm, Dark Circus stands out as one of their best…It is as if they have captured the characteristics of the last 75 years of Western music and reprocessed them into a new genre.” — Avant Music News

“…beautiful acoustic instruments working together with a top-notch rhythm section to produce a wonderful kind of modern art music…I find myself enjoying listening to it so much that it gets to the end without me having written a word…” — Exposé