covers by Jack O’ The Clock

  1. 1.Chinaberry Tree (Vic Chesnutt)

  2. 2.Mute Witness (Morrissey)

  3. 3.The Chauffeur (Duran Duran)

  4. 4.The Wrong Child (R.E.M.)

  5. 5.Think Too Much (b) (Paul Simon)

  6. 6.Hyper-ballad (Bjork)

  7. 7.Serenity (Charles Ives)



Damon Waitkus, Emily Packard, Kate McLoughlin, Jason Hoopes, Jordan Glenn

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Damon Waitkus, January 2014 through February 2015 in Oakland and Alameda, CA

Field recordings by Damon Waitkus

Mastered by Damon Waitkus, with help from Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland

"Outsider Songs" is a collection of cover songs run through the Jack O' The Clock cheese grater and lovingly re-assembled over the course of 2014 and early 2015.

These are all songs I or another member of the band have known and loved for years, decades in many cases, and have never tired of hearing. We put them together intuitively, favoring memory and emotional impressions over fidelity to the original, which resulted in a range of interpretations, from fairly orthodox to practically re-composed.

The project was already well underway before I realized that the songs' subjects are all, in one way or another, outsiders attempting to make sense of and function in a world that doesn't exactly meet their needs. I love this, and it's probably no coincidence that a lot of the characters in my own songs could be called outsiders as well. 

The songs themselves, though by prominent artists, are mostly outsiders too, arguably under-sung gems hiding away in the corner of an album somewhere. And while we're at it, this has never been a particularly “inside” band either, for better or worse: we feel more like DIY mendicants banging away on the gate of a walled city. We can't help but feel most at home with the weirdos.


1. Chinaberry Tree (V. Chesnutt)

DW - vocals, hammer dulcimer, acoustic guitar, piano, percussion

EP - violin

KM - bassoon

JH - electric bass

JG - drums

  1. 2.Mute Witness (S. Morrissey/C. Langer)

    DW - vocals, hammer dulcimer, acoustic and baritone electric guitars

    EP - violin

    KM - tin whistle

    JH - electric bass

    JG - drums

  1. 3.The Chauffeur (R. Taylor, J. Taylor, S. Le Bon, N. Rhodes)

    DW - hammer dulcimer, piccolo and baritone electric

          guitars, piano, vocals, percussion

    EP - violin

    KM - vocals

    JH - vocals, electric bass

    JG - drums, percussion

  1. 4.The Wrong Child (B. Berry, P. Buck, M. Mills, M. Stipe)

    DW - vocals, hammer dulcimer, acoustic guitar, guzheng

    EP - violin

    KM - bassoon

    JH - acoustic bass

    JG - vibraphone, percussion

  1. 5.Think Too Much (b) (P. Simon)


    DW - vocals, piano, percussion

    JH - acoustic bass

    JG - marimba, percussion

  1. 6.Hyper-ballad (Bjork)

    DW - vocals, baritone electric guitar, flute, pianet, banjo

    EP - violin

    KM - bassoon, vocals

    JH - electric bass

    JG - drums

  1. 7.Serenity (C. Ives/J. G. Whittier)

    KM - vocals

    KG - vibraphone