1. 1.Ten Fingers

  2. 2.Bethlehem Watcher

  3. 3.Tiny Sonographic Heart

  4. 4.Come Back Tomorrow

  5. 5.How the Light Is Approached

  6. 6.Familiar 1: Night Heron

    Over Harrison Square

  1. 7.Fixture

  2. 8.Furnace

  3. 9.Salt Moon

  4. 10.Down Below

  5. 11.As Long As the Earth Lasts

  6. 12.Familiar 2: Barred Owl

  7. 13.Rehearsing the Long Walk Home



Damon Waitkus, Emily Packard, Kate McLoughlin, Jason Hoopes, Jordan Glenn

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Damon Waitkus, January 2011 through February 2014 in Oakland and Alameda, CA

Field recordings by Damon Waitkus

Thanks to Josh Campbell and Alee Karim for ideas on Ten Fingers and Down Below respectively.

Text for "As Long As the Earth Lasts" from Genesis 8-22

Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland

1. Ten Fingers (Waitkus)

DW - vocals, pianet, acoustic guitar, percussion

EP - violin

KM - bassoon

JH - bass

JG - drums

2. Bethlehem Watcher (Hoopes/Waitkus)

DW - piccolo electric guitar, pianet, percussion

EP - violin

KM - vocals

JH - vocals, bass

JG - drums

Art Elliot - pipe organ

3. Tiny Greenscreen Heart (Waitkus)

DW - blade of grass, piano

Providence Mandolin Orchestra

4. Come Back Tomorrow (Hoopes/Waitkus)

DW - vocals, acoustic guitar, piccolo electric guitar

EP - violin

KM - vocals, bassoon

JH - bass

JG - drums, percussion

5. How the Light is Approached (Glenn/Hoopes/Waitkus)

DW - vocals

KM - bassoon

JH - acoustic bass

JG - shakers, bunt pans, floor tom

6. Familiar 1: Night Heron Over Harrison Square (Waitkus)

JG - percussion

DW - flute

Jonathan Russell - clarinet and bass clarinet

Ivor Holloway - soprano saxophone

7. Fixture (Waitkus)

DW - vocals, flute, bongos, shakers

EP - baritone violin

KM - bassoon

JH - acoustic bass

JG - vibraphone, marimba, bass drum, floor toms, udu drum, shakers, etc.

Bobby Akash - log drum

Josh Packard - cello

8. Furnace (Waitkus)

DW, EP, KM, JH, JG, Sarah Howe - voices

9. Salt Moon (Packard/Waitkus)

DW - piccolo electric guitar, guzheng, pianet, percussion

EP - baritone violin

KM - bassoon

JH - bass

JG - drums, vibraphone, glockenspiel

Karl Evangelista - electric guitar

Art Elliot - pipe organ

Jonathan Russell - birdcalls

10. Down Below (Waitkus)

DW - vocals, hammer dulcimer

EP - baritone violin

KM - vocals

JH - bass

JG - drums

Karl Evangelista - electric guitar

11. ["As Long As the Earth Lasts"] (Waitkus)

DW - vocals, rubber bands, percussion, keyboards

EP - violin

KM - bassoon, vocals

JH - acoustic and electric bass

JG - drums, percussion

Eli Wise - vocals

Cory Wright - clarinet, baritone saxophone

Ivor Holloway - tenor saxophone

12. Familiar 2: Barred Owl(Waitkus)

Jonathan Russell - clarinet and bass clarinet

Ivor Holloway - soprano saxophone

13. Rehearsing the Long Walk Home (Waitkus)

DW - vocals, acoustic guitar, lap steel, percussion

KM - recorder

JH - bass, whistling

JG - marimba, bundt pans, corrugated tubes

Karl Evangelista - electric guitar

I fear the fog like any hunter

Lyrics by Damon Waitkustomed to breath and clarity,

but when it descends, Oh Lord,


Ten Fingers

The same ten fingers snake the cords

as wormed around the first late night.

remember: we couldn't find her, we thought she'd died.

Nothing behind the black doorway

but the deafening whir of the swamp.

The same ten fingers thread the tape

as knotted up the first late night

remember: we couldn't find her, we searched the whole house.

Gaze out on the beasts and insects

The cuticles crack and blood comes.

The same ten fingers flick the switch

as shorted out the first late night

Below the dull red eyes on the radio tower,

dim lights swing low over eutrophic water.

I've got the headphones on, the gains are high,

the microphones are out the window – live air –

The hands age quietly before you

like dissolute older cousins.

The same ten fingers print to tape

as paw the filthy, teeming world.

remember: there's no erasure and nothing heals.

The fingers will do their own work whenever the swamp is burning.

Bethlehem Watcher

Tom o' Bedlam, sleep in your vitrine

Nights are long here and the days are lean.

I'll be whistling in the stairwell,

you will never leave your cell.

Past the workhouse, lightly past the prison,

I'll be whistling when the sun has risen.

Tom, for better, Tom for worse,

There's a penny in my purse.

The moon came in between three and four,

rolled across the gritty floor,

bared its teeth like a carnivore

and gnawed the knob off old Tom's door.

Six of seven all the world forgets you,

Come the Sabbath, the public eye besets you.

Tom, for better, Tom for worse,

There's a penny in my purse

Tiny Sonographic Heart (instrumental)

Come Back Tomorrow

Chicken Neck, was my life a dirty joke?

I was stiff as a rod and then I broke,

and I thank you for this shithole out behind

the lumber yard that smells of sawdust,

freezing rain and woodsmoke.

If you think there’ll be justice in the end

you’re an asshole, but it’s good to have a friend.

You know I built that house with my own hands

and she went and changed the locks.

Semper Fi: on my brothers I depend.

    My lungs feel like a swamp

    I cannot breathe, I cannot move,

    but you can shove your hospital,

    I’m not going to improve.

    Come back tomorrow.

No one’s faithful and no one’s immune.

Light cigarette on the smoldering moon.

That’s all right.

We had a fire on the lake in the midwinter

–the dogs were snapping at the sparks–

when the girls were very young and kept overstepping

the trembling armspan of the light.

    Won’t you go home to your family, Chicken Neck,

    and take your throne.

    Every thing I’ve ever finished in this life

    I’ve done alone.

    Come back tomorrow.

We were stationed in some godforsaken slough.

The Sargent caught a gator there somehow

and he sat us down all in a line and he let that fucker go.

At rope’s end it was inches from my brow.

    Don’t you let my fire go all rosy-

    rosy in your head,

    You’re not worthy of respect if you can’t

    speak ill of the dead.

    Come back tomorrow.

No one’s faithful and no one’s immune.

Light cigarette on the smoldering moon.

That’s all right.

How The Light Is Approached


little algorithm of life-stuff,

almost not there

but tapping, papery

at the lampshade—

yes, yes, yes—one wing

singed at the tip probably,

so you reiterate,

compassing the problem,

zeroing unawares,

but in.

Familiar 1: Night Heron Over Harrison Square (instrumental)


I don't come home in daylight anymore

but slip in while everyone is sleeping and steal

a few bananas. When I have done this I've

found the kitchen light left blazing, and all

the streets snowed under.

    There’s something alive and very small

    clinging absently to the wall.

    It’s lived an age beyond its season,

    too old to move, to drunk to reason.

    Pour yourself another drink,

    climb up there astride the sink,

    hold the fixture, take a knife,

    scrape the dead bugs from the light.

Any more the snow forecloses.

Furnace (instrumental)

Salt Moon (instrumental)

Down Below

Night slams shut on Concord,

the poet's come undone.

He hasn't written anything

since burying his son.

Easter waters fell on April

but August brought a drought

and a famished mind is screaming

"time to get the shovel out."

Come a need to know - take it down below.

Jesus broadcasts sermons

from a tower made of wood

but we can't hear him when we dig for ore,

the reception's not so good,

and if you happen down a certain shaft,

you may come upon a shrine.

You will see and hear and do things

but it doesn't leave the mine.

It's a whole other show going on down below.

The prison guards at Stanford

to their arbitrary shame

took one tiny dram of power

and forgot it was a game.

Like those sweating stiffs of Milgram's

dumped their burden on the king,

it takes so little to renege

on absolutely everything.

It takes a rock to say no and leave it down below.

I'd leave today for Mecca

if I thought I could complete the trip

but the surface of the human landscape

is like a moebius strip.

God was hungry when he got here.

He will be hungry when he leaves.

That gaping hole will swallow anything

a fever brain conceives.

Don't know where else you're going to go except down below.

As Long As The Earth Lasts

[Genesis 8-22]

As long as the Earth lasts,

    seedtime and harvest,

    cold and heat,

Summer and winter,

    and day and night

    shall not cease.

Familiar 2: Barred Owl (instrumental)

Rehearsing the Long Walk Home

Sandhill cranes as we cross North Dakota.

A bid for the truth or just a poem?

Getting somewhere, Oh Lord,

or just rehearsing the long walk home?

Old lover, father and mother,

all of the holes I’ve gazed into:

I’m sorry, the light changed

and I never saw to the bottom of you.

I fear the fog like any hunter

accustomed to breath and clarity,

but when it descends, Oh Lord,

you lose your bearings and you are free.