The new album, “Leaving California,” is now available for pre-order, which includes an immediate download of the single, “Jubilation.” The full album will be released on CD and as a download through Cuneiform Records on May 28th, 2021!


Damon Waitkus’ xenharmonic song collaboration with Ben Spees of The Mercury Tree, VENTIFACTS, has just released its first single and video, “Pacific.” CHECK IT OUT! It utilizes specially-tuned hammer dulcimer alongside custom-fretted guitars to split the octave into 24 equal divisions, and also features a killer drum performance by Mercury Tree’s Connor Reilly.  The full-length album by the duo, infused with contributions from other members of both Mercury Tree and Jack O’ The Clock, will be available in late summer of 2021.


Damon Waitkus’ symphonic math-metal oceanscape,

“The North Pacific Garbage Patch,” written for the virtuosic electric guitar and percussion phenomenon The Living Earth Show, is now out. Listen to and purchase the EP HERE.


Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our fundraiser for foodbanks in The Bay Area and Vermont by purchasing

NO OUTLET, our compendium of unreleased material celebrating the band’s 10 years together in the Bay Area. We have collectively purchased several hundred meals for people in need. Many of our listeners went over and above the asking price, and for that we are very grateful.


Orchard Hill Studio is a new space for recording, mixing, mastering, and teaching, founded by myself (Damon) and Emily in our barn in Southern Vermont. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your project. (We are doing everything remotely at present, of course).

Some recent in-studio solo performances by the two of us, including a few old JOTC tunes as well as some new guitar solos, are posted on our Facebook Page.


Our live album, WITNESS, has made it into several people’s “best of 2019” lists, earning the #1 spot on the Finnish site Pienemmat Purot, as well as being named one of Avant Music News’ ALBUMS OF THE YEAR.

Mike Borella of Avant Music News, on WITNESS:

By distilling their work over the last several years to its core and then building anew on top of that, Jack O’ The Clock has managed to produce an indispensable live recording that has remarkably little redundancy when compared to the corresponding studio recordings...Witness includes brilliantly-executed long instrumental breaks as well as atmospheric folk-ish moments and vocally-oriented pieces sprinkled with sadness.

Roger Trenwith of The Progressive Aspect:

a 67-minute long trip into a surreal version of Americana that sounds like no-one else...The rhythm section in particular shines on this album, which is a perfect introduction for the uninitiated.

Jack O’The Clock’s studio albums are intricate works benefitting from layered production, but here, the songs are stripped bare and opened up for close inspection. Often grouped together to form song suites, a surprisingly feral ferocity is revealed...

Jon Davis of Expose:

All the performances are stellar, full of energy and superb technique. Violin and bassoon both get many moments to shine, and the arrangements include plenty of space for their melodic spite of their mostly-acoustic instrumentation and delicate chamber-like interactions, there is plenty of muscle in the rhythm section, and [bassist Jason] Hoopes’ playing gets several sections to take the lead in addition to providing firm support for the music. There’s not a weak track in the set, and as someone who witnessed the actual performance, I am thrilled to have this confirmation that Jack o’ the Clock really was every bit as good as they seemed at the time.

WITNESS is available for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, through Oakland’s GEOMANCY RECORDS.

Here are two videos from the same show:

The Old Man And The Table Saw

Guru On The Road/TheBlizzard/Ten Fingers