The new album, “Leaving California,” is now available on CD and as a download. 

This is our first release with Cuneiform Records, a label which has long been the gold standard for adventurous, genre-defying music, an association which we couldn’t be happier to begin.


Damon Waitkus’ xenharmonic song collaboration with Ben Spees of The Mercury Tree, VENTIFACTS, has just released its first single and video, “Pacific.” CHECK IT OUT! It utilizes specially-tuned hammer dulcimer alongside custom-fretted guitars to split the octave into 24 equal divisions, and also features a killer drum performance by Mercury Tree’s Connor Reilly.  The full-length album by the duo, infused with contributions from other members of both Mercury Tree and Jack O’ The Clock, will be available in late summer of 2021.


Damon Waitkus’ symphonic math-metal oceanscape,

“The North Pacific Garbage Patch,” written for the virtuosic electric guitar and percussion phenomenon The Living Earth Show, is now out. Listen to and purchase the EP HERE.


Orchard Hill Studio is a new space for recording, mixing, mastering, and teaching, founded by myself (Damon) and Emily in our barn in Southern Vermont. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your project.

Some recent in-studio solo performances by the two of us, including a few old JOTC tunes as well as some new guitar solos, are posted on our Facebook Page.