1/30/16, 9PM (doors 8)



Bottom of the Hill,

1233 17th Street, San Francisco

w/Ancient Baby, Darren Johnston’s

Broken Shadows

Jack O’ The Clock, in never-before-heard sextet form, plays live for the first time in almost a year!

Damon Waitkus - vocals, guitars, hammer dulcimer

Emily Packard - violins

Jason Hoopes - bass, vocals

Jordan Glenn - drums

Ivor Holloway - saxes and clarinet

Thea Kelley - vocals

THE NEW ALBUM, Repetitions of the

Old City - I, is now available:

You can download a high-quality 24-bit version of the album via our Bandcamp page (recommended) or order it on CD through CD Baby, Wayside Music, Downtown Music Gallery, Kinesis, and others.

Damon did an interview on the first of the year on KPFA’s Discrete Music, hosted by Dean Suzuki.

There was also an extensive interview over Thanksgiving with Ian Beabout of Deep Cuts,

talking about the album, composing, the stories behind many of the lyrics, and many other things. The show also features a lovely tour of Jack O’ the Clock’s music, including tracks from our previous three albums and a good portion of the new one, as they come up in conversation.


“...Through 10 years of recordings, Jack ‘O The Clock is now established as a category unto themselves. The music often takes the form of complex, contrapuntal pieces with beautiful interplay between the hammer dulcimer, bassoon, violin, and guitar. The intertwined themes build and meander, but maintain a solid grounding that never quite extends into the pure avant-garde. On top of this are Waitkus’s poignant vocals, adding to the melancholic atmosphere.

“Listening to Jack ‘O The Clock invokes a twisted view of America post World War II – or perhaps projects that view to the rural blight of today. Lyrically, the group does not make a statement in particular. They offer no positions, polemics, nor solutions. Instead, their songs explore dark slices of life, unusual and disturbing happenings involving people both ordinary and strange. This unassuming and non-pretentious approach is a welcome contrast to today’s screaming-head social commentators.”

From Downtown Music Gallery:

“...the music seems to involve several layers which swirl around one another or turn inside out when you least expect them to. This is the third or fourth time I’ve listened to this disc this past week and each time some other nifty idea or odd twist is revealed. In the late 1960’s, there were a number of bands who worked at length in the studio and crafted music that combined a wealth of diverse influences and genres. Bands like Traffic, Family, Procol Harum,the Beatles and the Stones and many more, each in their own unique way created a certain magic or new world. A similar, creative spirit is found here so take some time to absorb this hidden treasure. If this is just Part One, we must prepare for the next part to arrive.”

From ProgArchives:

“The performances are crisp and clear and brimming with emotion. The excellent lyrics are delivered with some of Damon's best vocals to date. The music here is a little more technically complex than some of their earlier works, but it is still delivered with real, organic instrumentation and an accessibility that will keep you coming back for more. I really love this band and this is another winner!”