To commemorate Jack O' The Clock's decade together in the Bay Area, we are releasing the first of a two-volume compilation of previously-unreleased material, NO OUTLET.


NO OUTLET is not for sale, it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD for anyone who could give us a hand in spreading the word about the band in some way. Here are some things you could do:

-spin us on your music podcast or radio show

-send us to your friend who has a music podcast or radio show, runs a festival, etc.

-include us on a public Spotify playlist

-write a review of one of our albums anyplace our music is sold (Amazon, CDBaby, etc).

-write about us in your blog, or otherwise spread the word on social media

-anything else you can come up with…it all helps!

Then, just let us know at and we’ll send you a download code.

MORE INFO on NO OUTLET, like the stories behind the songs, the lyrics, and personnel.


Our live album, WITNESS, has made it into several people’s “best of 2019” lists, earning the #1 spot on the Finnish site Pienemmat Purot, as well as being named one of Avant Music News’ ALBUMS OF THE YEAR.

Mike Borella of Avant Music News, on WITNESS:

By distilling their work over the last several years to its core and then building anew on top of that, Jack O’ The Clock has managed to produce an indispensable live recording that has remarkably little redundancy when compared to the corresponding studio recordings...Witness includes brilliantly-executed long instrumental breaks as well as atmospheric folk-ish moments and vocally-oriented pieces sprinkled with sadness.

WITNESS is now available for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, through Oakland’s GEOMANCY RECORDS.

Here are two videos from the same show:

The Old Man And The Table Saw

Guru On The Road/TheBlizzard/Ten Fingers


Announcing the advent of Orchard Hill Studio:

Emily and I (Damon) have moved with our family to Southern Vermont, taken up residence in an old farmhouse, and are creating a place for recording and all things musical in the reverberant barn. Though the space is not yet fully-functioning as a recording room, I am beginning to take on some producing, mixing, and mastering projects.

Please drop me a line at the below email address if you have a project that could use some help!

Jack O’ The Clock continues despite our bicoastal spread. I spent my last six months in the Bay Area doing as many recording sessions as I could (using a newly-refurbished mobile studio) with Jason, Jordan, Thea, Ivor, and longtime-collaborators Karl Evangelista of Grex, and Art Elliot, amounting to over 100 hours of tracking. This nebular soup of new recordings is beginning to coalesce thematically and emotionally into a new trio of albums, which of course are going to take some time to complete. These are some of our most direct, punchy, and intimate songs to date as well as some of our wildest epic excursions. As always, the origin of the compositions runs the gamut, from live-band material to in-studio-only experiments, from simple acoustic numbers to songs built up of from group improvisations we recorded around Jason’s old gutted piano. Much of it is brand-new, and some of it has been under construction since our Mills College days over a decade ago.

We have no live performances planned for the time being, but future shows are quite possible, with planning.