New Album - NIGHT LOOPS                                           




We’re heading into the studio with The Norman Conquest over the next couple weeks to lay down the rhythm tracks for a slew of new material we’ve been woodshedding over the past year. This includes several of our “epic” pieces that have evaded recording sessions up until now. We’re looking to capture the spirit and spontaneity of the live band this time around, and will be documenting the process. Look for updates here and on our Facebook page in the coming months!

Meanwhile, the EP of covers is progressing nicely, and should be ready for listening early next year. 

We’ve recently unearthed a few nice video excerpts from a show we did at Mills College way back in 2010 that actually have decent audio. These are tunes we rarely play live these days: “First Of The Year,” “Shrinking,” “Saturday Afternoon On The Median” and the as-yet-unrecorded “Island Time,” replete with Ivor Holloway and Cory Wright joining us on the horns.