Our live album, WITNESS, is now available for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

By distilling their work over the last several years to its core and then building anew on top of that, Jack O’ The Clock has managed to produce an indispensable live recording that has remarkably little redundancy when compared to the corresponding studio recordings...Witness includes brilliantly-executed long instrumental breaks as well as atmospheric folk-ish moments and vocally-oriented pieces sprinkled with sadness.  -Mike Borella, Avant Music News

We are thrilled to be teaming up with Oakland label GEOMANCY, champions of an ever-growing array of adventurous sounds emanating from the Bay Area.

WITNESS was recorded at the beautiful-sounding Columbia City Theater in Seattle in June of 2017 as a part of the SeaProg Festival. It is enormously gratifying, after over ten years of performing as a band, to finally have a high-quality rendering of the live JOTC. It is a different animal from our studio offerings--different feel, different energy, often radically different arrangements. We put a ton of work into this show in particular--the last time the original quintet of Damon Waitkus, Emily Packard, Kate McLoughlin, Jason Hoopes, and Jordan Glenn performed together--and can't wait for you to hear it!

(This will be a digital-only release. Much as we’d like to see it in hard-copy as well, it is not financially viable nor practical to do that at this point.)


We are also busy laying the foundation for a whole slew of new studio recordings, presently tracking drums and bass. The mobile studio has had a makeover, and the difference in sound is palpable. I’m not sure how this happened, but it seems we’ve got over two hours of new recordings underway which are gradually coalescing thematically and stylistically into multiple new albums, but it’s going to take some time to get to any finish lines. These are some of our most direct, punchy, and intimate songs to date as well as some of our wildest epic excursions. As always, the origin of the compositions runs the gamut, from live-band material to in-studio-only experiments, from simple acoustic numbers to songs built up of from group improvisations we recorded around Jason’s old gutted piano. Much of it is brand-new, and some of it has been under construction since our Mills College days over a decade ago. I keep thinking “one of these days, one of you will have to go,” and I’ll settle on the one process that works best (whatever that is), but for the time being, we still seem to be expanding in multiple directions...


All of our physical CDs are now at an all-time low price of $8 on CDBaby. We are not likely to press any more CDs once these last copies (of all albums) are gone, so grab one soon if you are interested!