Jack O’ The Clock


Jack O’ The Clock was formed in Oakland, California in the summer of 2007 when Damon Waitkus and Nicci Reisnour, who had both been composition students at Mills College, discovered a mutual interest in alloying folk-inspired songwriting with a composerly approach to instrumentation and arrangement. The group began as an acoustic trio, with Waitkus on guitar, hammer dulcimer, and voice, Reisnour playing harp, wine glasses, and melodica, and Emily Packard playing violins and banjo. They were soon joined by percussionist Jordan Glenn and began performing around the Bay Area in early 2008. In the summer of that year, Reisnour left and the remaining trio recruited Jason Hoopes on bass and Kate McLoughlin on bassoon, voice, and flute. The expanded ensemble enabled Jack O’ The Clock to diversify its sound dramatically, incorporating elements of progressive rock, free jazz, minimalism, and other influences that appeared as new material developed.

Jack O’ The Clock performs regularly throughout the Pacific Northwest, and has released four albums, RARE WEATHER (2008), HOW ARE WE DOING AND WHO WILL TELL US? (2011), ALL MY FRIENDS (2013), and NIGHT LOOPS (2014). The group’s critically-acclaimed recordings go beyond their live sound to incorporate bits of on-location percussion, found sounds, clandestinely recorded monologues, city noise, and various birds and insects, as well as a number of guests drawn from the Bay Area’s rich community of musicians.



Photo by Carly Hoopes

"Jack O' The Clock are an unbelievably great band, Damon Waitkus is an extraordinarily courageous composer...some of the freshest and most surprising music I've heard." -FRED FRITH

"So you think you have heard it all?...a band that can go from synergistic synchronicity, to inspired Americana, and even to freeform post rock without breaking a sweat...[they] take us on a journey away from the three minute pop song to a nirvana of freeform yet relaxed musical complexity...well worthy of your attention..." 


"...an amazing amount of originality…those looking for some intrepid, barrier-breaking music would do well to start here" -PETER THELEN, EXPOSE

"This is terrific music -- likable, substantial, and deserving of an audience."